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I purchased Raw Food 4 Kids because I wanted to start a new stage of healthy eating for our family. I especially wanted to offer the healthiest possible option to my Children. Step by step I am trying out all recipes, and I can tell all of them are great, giving me a great base for discovering the raw food world.  I found the introduction part of the book useful, giving me such solid base to have a good idea what kind of minerals, vitamins our kids need, while I also like to guide for sprouting, juicing, and when to introduce superfoods to my children - along with other useful information about raw vegan eating.  It's a must buy book! Thank you, Sarah!

Marta L.

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Sarah Quinney

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Hi There. I’m Sarah Quinney Author of the best selling book Raw Food 4 Kids, which came from my passion of raw plant based food that is fun and easy to prepare, creative, nutritious and most importantly food that the whole family will enjoy!I am the founder of The Raw Food Mum website a go-to website with with the latest information on raw food and vegan based recipes.

The site features delicious recipes and a free e-book and Nutrition Chart so you can empower yourself with the tools to make healthy changes in your families diet. I look forward to connecting with you through my social media site and maybe joining me for one of my very popular Raw Food Challenges!

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